Breanna's House of Joy is a charitable project under the New Horizons  Foundation.

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5550 Tech Center Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Restoring dignity and worth to disadvantaged people groups in Northern Thailand.

You can help families break the cycle of poverty in their lifetime. Your donations go directly to our programs that provide a strong educational foundation to promote economic empowerment for discriminated people groups in Northern Thailand. Join our Tribe of monthly givers and watch your impact grow. 

Thailand is one of 5 countries with the highest number of child prostitutes.

It is estimated that 43% of Hill Tribe families do not have enough income to satisfy their basic human needs. Extreme poverty and a general hopelessness leads to drug abuse and domestic violence; leaving young women and girls vulnerable to the sex trade.

Together, we can break the cycle of poverty for the 43%
How We Work

We have six different areas of focus at Joy to the World Foundation Thailand. Each one of these areas is significant and important in and of itself; but we believe it is the combination of the 6 working together that will transform lives and serve as a catalyst for change. 

To operate and maintain Breanna’s House of Joy for the care, nurture, education and spiritual development of tribal girls in northern Thailand who are orphaned or at risk.


Sex slavery and trafficking is destroying the self-worth of young women in all parts of the world.    We believe that transforming the community and culture is what will bring lasting change, releasing the binds of this insidious industry and allowing all women to be valued as “priceless”, as God has created them. 



 The vision of the Daniel 1 Leadership Academy is to develop citizens of Christ-like character who are well-educated and hard-working with a love of country and tribal heritage.


  The Village/School Outreach Program involves the five major missions of the Joy To The World Foundation in Thailand: care and education of orphan children, discipleship and presentation of the gospel, prevention of trafficking and sexual predators, community development and leadership skills demonstrated by the BHJ girls and graduates.


Free On The Inside is a new approach to disciple-making that focuses on the stories of the Bible designed to help people get in touch with who they are in Christ, grow spiritually, and discover how to make a difference for God in their world.



A program that empowers our staff and caregivers to help our kids be the best that they can be through the principles of Love and Logic. Love and Logic is a positive approach that focuses on natural consequences and positive rule setting that helps children learn to take responsibility for their own problems and control of their behavior.