$23 for 23 years

Make a donation for $23 to Breanna's House of Joy in Breanna's memory as we remember 23 years since her death.

November 15, 1985 - April 2, 1998

Holy God, yours is the beauty of childhood and yours is the fullness of years.

Comfort us in our sorrow, strengthen us with hope, and breathe peace into our troubled hearts.

Assure us that the love in which we rejoiced for a time is not lost, and that Breanna is with you, safe in your eternal love and care .

We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, who took little children into his arms and blessed them.




Your donation to Joy to the World Foundation Thailand is tax deductable as allowed by law. EIN 83-2391026

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“We were changed by the girls at BHJ. Each smile, ringing laughter and voice raised in worship, bore witness to God's grace and power over darkness. We support BHJ because children are change agents. We pray that the ministry of love at BHJ would flourish so that generations of Thai women would know true freedom in Christ. As the girls return equipped to their villages, grace is multiplying and chains are being broken.”  - The Murgatroyd Family