To provide for the disadvantaged people groups of Asia with care, programs, housing, resources and education that value the dignity and worth of each individual as a child of God, their families and the communities in which they live.

To operate and maintain Breanna’s House of Joy for the care, nurture, education and spiritual development of tribal girls in northern Thailand who are orphaned or at risk.

  • To provide care, nurture and spiritual development for a maximum of 40 girls between the ages of 3 – 20 on the current property.

  • To develop and maintain a loving, caring, nurturing spiritual environment for the girls that provides for              their individuality but also encourages them to feel a sense of responsibility to their village, tribe and other tribal groups of northern Thailand.

  • To help each child attain the highest level of education that she desires and for which she is qualified and to provide vocational training and life skills for all, so that no girl will ever be without the skills to help them sustain a living and transition into society.

  •  To involve the girls in active charitable service to others including their home villages and other tribal villages.

To develop and promote discipleship and spiritual training programs in Asia that are transformational and accessible to all regardless of their ability to read or write and to train pastors, religious workers and leaders to reach the hearts as well as the minds of those that they serve.

  • To translate the Free On The Inside curriculum into Burmese, Lisu and Thai so that it can be placed on the MegaVoice machine and distributed in Asia.

  • To continue to train, equip, encourage and establish pastors and religious workers in Thailand.

  • To continue to train, equip, encourage and establish pastors and religious workers in Asia through the Free On The Inside program.

To oppose the sexual exploitation of children and women in Asia.

  • To utilize the Priceless Program that teaches about sexual purity and sexual exploitative awareness for young girls and women that is conducted in the villages of northern Thailand with the primary purpose of educating the village people about sexual exploitation and young people about the advantages of sexual purity.

  • To provide economic empowerment to villages so that people are not tempted to see their children as opportunities for financial advancement.

  • To partner with like-minded ministries that are involved in rescuing, counseling and providing vocational training to women in this area.

  • To support Compass 31, a program under the Foundation that provides housing and life skills for unwed mothers and allows them to get stabilized and be able to provide for their children.

To promote and develop projects that provide for meaningful work for individuals and economic development for the tribal and disadvantaged peoples of Asia through the Village, Inc. program. 

  • To partner with other ministries in Thailand to develop employment opportunities for women and economic development projects for Joy To The World Foundation and the villages that create jobs and help sustain ministry. 

  • To partner with other organizations like e3 Partners and Mission Moving Mountains to develop community development programs in the tribal villages of Thailand that focus on clean water, access to healthcare, access to education, help with agriculture and food production, economic empowerment and identity/citizenship nurtured by a maturing church.

  • To research and study the possibility of a company that builds playgrounds for schools and villages in Thailand or other business as missions projects.

To partner with other organizations, ministries and teams who have common goals and desire to serve and/or understand the individuals and people groups that we serve.

  • To enable other ministries operating within Thailand that fit within the ministry purposes of Joy To The World Foundation-Thailand to raise funds in the US through Joy To The World Foundation- US  and come under Joy To The World Foundation-Thailand for visas, work permits and organizational accountability.

  • To work with teams of young and old who would like to come to Thailand to experience and learn about the culture, serve the people and grow spiritually while furthering the ministry of Joy To The World Foundation.

  • To develop an internship program for college students and young adults who are considering missionary service that serves the Joy To The World Foundation ministries, accomplishes the students’ educational objectives and encourages them to grow spiritually.

To actively promote, raise funds for and enthusiastically support the programs and ministries of the Joy To The World Foundation of Thailand.

  • Maintain a sponsorship program for the girls at Breanna’s House that provides for their support and also promotes a deeper relationship with Breanna’s House so that sponsors will be praying for children and children for sponsors.

  • Maintain an interactive website where people can find out more about the ministries, donate, connect with the ministries and discover how they can be involved.

  • Send out a newsletter at least 3 times a year to educate people about what is going on and encourage donations to support the ministries.

  • Make proposals for financial support to individuals, foundations and businesses for various projects under the Foundation.



Your donation to Joy to the World Foundation Thailand is tax deductable as allowed by law. EIN 83-2391026

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