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Birthdate: May 16, 2006

Hello, my name is Aonpreeya Phadengsuwan. My nickname is Bua. I have been at Breanna's House of Joy since May 2015 and I am from the Lisu tribe.

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Bua’s mother has been divorced and remarried many times. Now she doesn’t have a husband. Bua’s father remarried 5 times and now he has many children. When Bua was 2 years old, her step father splashed hot water on her body. It left a permanent scar at the side of her face to this day. Bua’s oldest sister was the one supporting the family. The sister worked in a Karaoke bar. Bua and her mom stayed with her sister because they had no house in the village. Living at the Karaoke bar was not a good experience for Bua. Bua's Mom sought for a better place for her to live. The sister said that she didn't want Bua to be the same as she was. The sister and mother would like to see Bua have a better life, get an education, and know Jesus. Bua came to Breanna’s House of Joy in July, 2015. At age nine, Bua was able to start in the third grade at a new school. At first, it was hard for Bua to adjust to the children’s home and her new school; she cried often and missed her mother very much. At school, Bua did not make friends easily because of her facial scar. However, as months passed, Bua found joy in God’s love for her at BHJ. She accepted Jesus and has been learning about him every day. BHJ has become a new home for her as she made friends with the other sisters at the children’s home.

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