Breanna's House of Joy is a charitable project under the New Horizons  Foundation.

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Birthdate: October 10, 2004

Hello, my name is Oangsararee Laemae. My nickname is Earn. I have been at Breanna's House of Joy since November 2014 and I am from the Lisu tribe.

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$1,800 for 2019.



Earn’s father passed away before she was born. When she was delivered, Earn’s mother gave her up to a Christian family who could not have any children. Earn was being raised by this family until the time that she was two years old when her foster father passed away. Earn and her foster mother lost their home and began living at the mother’s work place. However, it was becoming difficult for the mother to care for Earn at work. Earn came to live at Breanna’s House of Joy in November, 2014, when she was ten years old. Earn started school in the fourth grade. At first, Earn showed no signs of difficulty at school, but at the end of the first semester, Earn came last place in her class. She did well in English, but her basic Thai reading and writing were very poor. Her grades improved somewhat during the second semester as she began receiving help and adjusted to regular schooling. Earn will continue to receive extra tutoring, so that she can catch up on her skills. Earn and her mother are thankful for a loving and safe place to live, good food to eat and an opportunity to receive an education.

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