Breanna's House of Joy is a charitable project under the New Horizons  Foundation.

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Birthdate: October 29, 2005

Hello, my name is Nafuen Musua. I have been at Breanna's House of Joy since July 2014 and I am from the Lahu tribe.

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$1,800 for 2019. Or $0/month.



Nafuen’s parents passed away when she was under 1 year old. Her cousin’s family has raised her since that time. They became Nafuen's foster parents.They were labor workers; such as construction, gardening, seasonal labors. Their income wasn’t consistent. When they go to work, they had to leave Nafuen by herself. She went to school by herself and had to wait outside the house until the cousins or her foster parents got home from work. Sometimes, they came home very late.The house they lived in belonged to her cousins. It was a one bedroom house which may be unsafe for Nafuen as the only girl among boys. Nafuen frequently was bullied by the boys of her foster parents. Nafuen came to live at Breanna’s House of Joy in July, 2014. She started at a new school in the third grade where she was diagnosed with a learning disability and mild retardation. With love and support, Nafuen has been overcoming her disability. Nafuen excelled in her social skills, getting along well with all the other sisters at Breanna's House of Joy. While receiving help for her schooling, Nafuen has been regaining her basic reading and writing skills slowly. Nafuen accepted The Lord Jesus into her life when she began learning about God’s love for her. Nafuen said that she accepted Jesus because she trusted God would always be with her. Nafuen said that she wanted to be a nurse so that she could help people when they get sick. Later, she found out that she really likes sewing, so she may choose to pursue that interest as she gets older.

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