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Birthdate: January 30, 2007

Hello, my name is Mali Yipa. My nickname is Natalee. I have been at Breanna's House of Joy since May 2017 and I am from the Lisu tribe.

Needs $1,200 of

$1,800 for 2019. Or $100/month.



Natalee's father was a French man. He was 76 years old when Natalee was conceived. He did not want the baby so the parents split up. He left when Natalee was 5 months old and never returned. The family has no contact with him. We found out about Natalee when she was ten years old. We found out that her mom's second husband, a Chinese-Thai man was an angry person. He was using drugs and beating Natalee since she was younger. Natalee used to have a learning problem. She was withdrawn and did not talk much. She was very fearful of her step father. The mother divorced the second husband and was raising four children with her brother's son and Natalee's grandparents. The mother's main job was working at night in the city at massage places and bars. The children stayed with Natalee's grandparents. When she returned to the village, she worked in the fields with her parents. Natalee's mother said that she needed to work to support her aging parents and the children. The reason that she wanted her daughter to live at BHJ was to have an opportunity for a better life and to get an education. She would like for Natalee to know Jesus and to learn good morals. Natalee no longer appears to have any learning disability and seems to be a smart girl.

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