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Birthdate: May 5, 2000

Hello, my name is Chanthipha Praphatkankoson. My nickname is Nati. I have been at Breanna's House of Joy since May 2007 and I am from the Lahu tribe.


Color: Blue

Food: Fried chicken

Fruit: Guava

Sport: Badminton

Talent: Art and drawing

Subject: English

Someday I want to be a Tour Guide. 


Nati came from a Lahu tribe village in Mae Hong Son Province. Mae Hong Son is a far distance from the city. Nati's father died when she was very young. Her mother is very poor and works in the field to support her grandparents. Nati's grandparents were not able to take care of her while her mother was at work. She came to Breanna’s House of Joy when she was seven years old in 2007 to start school in kindergarten. Nati said she cried at night for the first few years because she missed her home and her family. But after awhile, BHJ became her home. She said she made a lot of friends and her sisters at BHJ encouraged her. Nati understands that her mother wanted her to come here so that she can have a better future. She likes school, drawing and singing. She also loves animals, especially dogs. She likes it at BHJ because the adults give good advice. She said when she thinks of the people that are taking care of her, it makes her want to study hard. At Breanna’s, she is learning more about God and his love for her. She is now studying at vocational school for her final two years of high school.

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