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Birthdate: April 18, 2011

Hello, my name is Praifaah. My nickname is Prai. I have been at Breanna's House of Joy since May 2018 and I am from the Lisu tribe.


Color: Pink and Blue

Food: Fried Chicken

Fruit: Grapes

Sport: Running

Talent: Drawing

Subject: English and Thai

Someday I want to be a Doctor.


Praifaah lived with her 80 year old grandparents in the village about 5 hours away from BHJ. Praifaah has never seen her father because he has been in prison since before she was born. He has a 25 year sentence. Praifaah's mother is not stable, she was with another man when her husband was in prison. Now, she has left the man and is struggling to find job as a masseuse in Chiangmai. She cannot take care of her children. (Praifaah's older brother is staying at a temple school.) Praifaah has no schooling, and the family is very poor. They would not be able to send her to school. The family's religion is animism but they are happy that Praifaah can live at the children's home and learn about God.