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Boston to Thailand 

Help us reach our fundraising goal of $4000!

THANK YOU for your support!

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of $4000 Goal

In just a few short weeks our team of 15 people will be headed from Boston to Thailand to serve at Breanna's House of Joy in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 


While there we will build a small playground for a village community, provide basic medical care, teach Bible lessons for young girls ages 5-18, and spend time building relationships that will last a lifetime. We would love your support! 


Total Funding Goal: $4000


Funds donated will go to: 

Playground Equipment

Jesus Story Book Bibles in Thai

Puzzles, games and toys

Details below!

Why build a playground?


The hill tribes of Northern Thailand face many challenges as well as a great deal of discrimination. The average family income among these people groups is less than $2/day, which is far less than what the majority of Thai families earn. Often, they do not have access even to basic healthcare or primary education. 

Many of the children don't have safe places to be kids and enjoy life together. Playgrounds encourage a child's emotional, physical, and social development. They are also a great way to build community and bring JOY to a village!

About Breanna's House of Joy


Breanna's House of Joy opened its doors in 2003 to help hill tribe girls get access to education and break the cycle of poverty in their lives. These young girls often go back to their villages to visit their families during vacations. We encourage each of these girls to remember their people and advocate for them. 

It is our goal to see these villages thriving and living a full life! Building playgrounds is just one of the ways we work toward that goal. 

Jesus Storybook Bibles 


During our stay, we will be teaching Bible stories for the girls at Breanna's House of Joy (BHJ). Our teachings will come from the Jesus Storybook Bible. ​


We have managed to track down the Jesus Storybook Bible in the Thai language and hope to leave the girls at BHJ with their own copies of this Bible. 

Puzzles, games and toys


One of the ways that our staff and teachers can build relationships with the girls at BHJ is to play simple games and do puzzles with them. The staff has asked for donations of games, puzzles, and toys. ​

Thanks for your support! 


The "Boston to Thailand" Team

  • Carolyn Stickney

  • Amy & Chris Stroup and their children 

  • Michelle & Charles Day and their children

  • Amy & Dave Murgatroyd and their children


Boston to Thailand 

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