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Canlis Dinner for 2

*Seattle, WA*
$500 Value | $50 Minimum Donation 

Donated by: The Canlis Family

Come spend an evening. Our favorite thing in the world is taking care of others, and few places can do it quite like we can.

**12X your entry!**


Become a member of The Village today by making your donation a monthly recurring donation and automatically be entered 12X! Say what?!


Each month you will receive: 

  • A story about how your donation is transforming lives and impacting the world. 
  • A calendar card to remind you to pray with us. 

  • Discussion questions to encourage throughout conversations.


Start your membership today (by checking the box below your donation) and receive 12 entries!


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$50 minimum donation. For multiple entries, simply multiply the minimum donation amount by the number of desired entries. You will be entered after your donation has been processed. 

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