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Breanna's House of Joy

rescue  I  disciple  I equip

We believe that God wants us to rescue girls from impoverished backgrounds, so that they do not wind up in prostitution or the drug trade like so many other orphaned girls AND that we are to build in to each one of our girls a sense a responsibility for the villages, their people group and the nation of Thailand. We challenge them to give back to others what God has freely given to them. 

By building deeply into our girls' lives our goal is not only to impact the girls at BHJ, but hundreds more as they live and serve in Thailand after they leave BHJ. To this end, we trust in this promise from Isaiah 60:22, "A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I am the LORD, in its time I will hasten it." 

Our goal is to spiritually, physically, and emotionally equip our girls so that they can become Christ's servants in their communities.........true world changers as they share the light of Jesus in the spiritual darkness that surrounds them. 

Breanna's House of Joy
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Daniel 1 Leadership Academy

The vision of the Daniel 1 Leadership Academy is to develop citizens of Christ-like character who are well-educated and hard-working with a love of country and tribal heritage.


No student enrolled in the program is charged tuition, all students work in the community or participate in an internship, debt is openly discouraged and no government or private loans are used. Students may attend the college or university of their choice in Chiang Mai. 


$3,000 a year is what is needed to support a girl in the program to subsidize the expenses so that no student will have debt when they graduate and will have the education, funds and transportation to begin their new careers.

Danel 1 Leadershp Academy
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Five Tribes Fair Trade

The Radiant Project was initiated in 2018 to build prosperity for Hill Tribe people groups by facilitating Business/Ministry Partnerships. Our first partnership has been established and we are looking forward to seeing what God does with future partnerships! 




Joy to the World Foundation is currently serving and providing for over 50 young people in Chiang Mai, yet there are hundreds of their family members who continue to stay stuck in the cycle of poverty.

To meet this need, Radiant Project Thailand has come up with a business plan that will allow Hill Tribe women and families to build their own sustainable businesses.

Radiant Project’s goal is to provide a way for Hill Tribe people to create consistent and stable income for their families using their existing skillset to create a profitable enterprises. 

Five Tribes Fair Trade
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Radiant Project

The Village/School Outreach Program involves the five major missions of the Joy To The World Foundationin Thailand: care and education of orphan children, discipleship and presentation of the gospel, prevention of trafficking and sexual predators, community development, and leadership skills demonstrated by the BHJ girls and graduates.


Villages or schools are chosen because there is a pastor in the village or an administrator at the school that will help facilitate the program there. Thai national staff and associates do advance work andvisit the village or school to discuss the outreach and how it will work with the village elders or school staff.

Village Outreach
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