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Spread JOY


Spread JOY Campaign

For 20 years, Joy to the World Foundation (JTTWF) Thailand has been working to provide care, programs, housing, and resources for marginalized people groups in Northern Thailand. The primary purpose at JTTWF Thailand is to love like Jesus, restore life, give education, and create opportunities for vulnerable youth. Through our programs, we hope to see young people rise up to be providers and influencers in their communities and transform the culture of human trafficking from the inside out. In the last 20 years, 80% of the girls in our program that have graduated high school have gone on to college or Bible school and 90% of the D1 Leadership Academy (D1LA) students have graduated college or Bible school with a degree. Some are among the first in their village to graduate high school and/or college. 

Joy to the World Foundation Thailand is one of few organizations in northern Thailand that offers educational and emotional support up through the college years. With your help, we can transform a generation that will create a stable, lasting impact. 

In order to see our vision for the next 3 years come to life, we are praying for people to consider making a special gift for the 20th year celebration. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing what God has in store for the next 3 years! 

Keep reading to learn more about our 3 initiatives.

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Raising the next generation of leaders
Cost- $750,000

Launch 3 new locations for the
D1 Leadership Academy 

JTTWF Thailand would like to  acquire a home within walking distance of each campus to host weekly Bible studies, shared meals, and workshops that help students grow in their faith and leadership skills.

In addition to the students impacted through the Daniel 1 Leadership Academy, we estimate that over 150 students will be impacted over the next 3 years at each University through this initiative.

  • Chiang Mai University: Medicine, Mass Communication, and Architecture.

  • Thammasat University, Lampang campus: Social work and Law.

  • University of Payao: Health and Nutrition Science.



Providing support for vulnerable communities
Cost- $170,000

Providing support for vulnerable communities so that they can thrive. 

Tribal communities in northern Thailand are particularly vulnerable
to human trafficking because of the severe level of poverty they live in. Our outreach programs educate, equip, and empower these communities to go from surviving to thriving.

It is estimated that over 250 families will find hope and freedom through this initiative over the next 3 years.

  • Present the Radiant outreach program in 12 tribal villages, four each year, to include building swing sets, sharing the anti-trafficking program to 50 children and their families and holding a celebration evening event for each village to establish trust and initiate an ongoing relationship

  • Ongoing human trafficking education and awareness training and workshops for tribal communities with follow-up visits by staff

  • Long term discipleship programs for 12 tribal communities

  • Development of materials for 12 tribal communities 

  • Business opportunities and development for 12 tribal communities 



Invest in the future sustainability of JTTWF Thailand Cost: $530,000

Provide support to strengthen the effectiveness and future sustainability of Joy to the World Foundation Thailand.

Because of God’s faithfulness over the last 20 years, JTTWF Thailand is in a position to significantly expand our impact. With the proper infrastructure in place, we estimate that our efforts will be tripled over the next three years. 

We estimate that the combined efforts of these three initiatives will impact thousands of lives over the next three years!

  • Hire additional staff to support new initiatives 

  • Staff training and development 

  • Strategic planning and partnerships throughout Northern Thailand



The total cost to support the Spread Joy campaign over the next three years is $1,440,000.

  • An Investment of $150, 000 will cover the cost to set up a home for D1 students and staff at a local university. 

  • An investment of $50, 000 will cover the cost to run a D1 home and support 10 students for one year. 

  • An investment of $25, 000 will provide staff, materials, transportation and resources for outreach programs for one year. 

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LEAD GIFT                                         $300, 000

TOP GIFT                                           $150, 000

MAJOR GIFTS                                    $50, 000

SIGNIFICANT GIFT                            $20, 000

SUBSTANTIAL GIFT                           $10, 000

FOUNDATIONAL GIFT                      $5, 000









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