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5 Organizations Fighting
Human Trafficking


A Global Crisis

Human trafficking is one of the primary and most devastating human rights violations in today’s world, and there are over 40.3 million individuals living in slavery, according to the global slavery index.


While there has been significant effort to decrease human trafficking around the world, there is still lots of work to be done.

In this webinar we will cover

The Exodus Road is an anti-trafficking organization that works with law enforcement to end human trafficking and modern day slavery across the world. 
They partner with governments and communities to provide trafficking awareness education. They also have a program where they partner with local police forces to help make arrests of traffickers and rescue people out of trafficking situations. 

Joy to the World is an organization that provides anti-trafficking programs to at-risk people in Thailand. 
Thailand ranks in the top 25 of countries in the world with the highest number of people living in modern day slavery, according to the global slavery index. Joy to the World is working to eradicate human trafficking Thailand by helping vulnerable people out of dangerous situations. They have a variety of human trafficking prevention programs that provide people with steady incomes, eductation, and community. 

The International Justice Mission (or IJM for short) is an humanitarian organization that also focuses on eliminating human trafficking. They have initiatives to rescue victims out of trafficking and take care of them after they have been rescued. 


IJM also has grassroots volunteers all over the world who are actively working to make the world a safer place through education, awareness, and advocacy. 


The Polaris Project fights human trafficking and sex slavery in North America by compiling data, analytics, and statistics and using them to support at risk indiviudals, communities, and governments. They hold the largest data set on human trafficking in North America and operate the U.S National Human Trafficking Hotline. Their overall goal is to use their knowledge and resources to stop the systems and industries that profit off of modern day slavery. 
They also have a high value of centering survivors and giving the victims and survivors of human trafficking a voice. 

Love164 is an anti-trafficking organization that specifically fights against child trafficking in the US, UK, and the Philippines. They have reached over 3,500 children with their survivor care projects and over 63,000 children with their trafficking prevention program. 
Love146 specifically works to care for at-risk youth, including LGBT youth and those vulnerable to sex trafficking. Their goal is to take care of the survivors of child trafficking and prevent any other children from being trafficked.

Written in partnership with Reach The Lost.


Joy to the World Thailand

Preventative programs like Joy to the World’s Breanna’s House of Joy or The Radiant Project help end human trafficking and modern day slavery in Thailand and all over the world.

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