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One Girl Child SponsorProgram


Dear Sponsor,

Twelve years ago, Breanna’s House of Joy first opened its doors to 16 little girls from three tribal groups in Chiang Mai, Thailand.   Our first girls stayed in a bamboo dormitory at our property which looked very much like the village from which they had come. Today we have a 9,000 square foot dormitory, a dining hall and staff housing that sit on about 2 acres of property.  We are licensed by the Thai government as a children’s home, which only 1% of the programs in Thailand have, we have had 4 college graduates and have 6 girls in college right now.  One of our girls scored the second highest score in all of Thailand on the English competency exam and 3 of our girls have played on Thailand’s national Cricket team which is ranked number 9 in the world!  We would love for you to consider being a part of this life changing work. 



Bill and Mary Lee Moritz


An aerial view of our property taken in 2016.

Sponsorship Details

One Girl Sponsorship Program

More than writing a check. 

Like so many orphans or abandoned children in the world, our girls desperately need to be shown their value; to be reminded that they matter. Our heart for the One Girl Sponsorship program is to encourage donors to give more than just a monthly check. Because we are a small orphanage, donors can easily keep updated on the girls through our web postings on the One Girl Sponsor portal. We keep recent photos, stories and information on all the girls there. You can easily communicate with us over Facebook or e-mail with questions at any time. 

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Child sponsorship is an important part of our ministry at Breanna's House of Joy. It is always encouraging to see sponsors connect with their child through through a field visit. Watch this heart warming video of a young man whose family has been sponsoring one of our girls for 10 years. 

Already a sponsor? 

Click below to go to the sponsor portal page! 

What sets us apart?

Why our sponsorship program is unique. 

Our sponsorship program is set up to encourage a strong bond between our sponsors and our girls. We want our girls to know their sponsor and develop a relationship that will last a lifetime! Through our program, you have the opportunity to connect with your child in three different ways. 

How much will my monthly contribution be? 

A sponsorship is $150/month or $50/month for a sponsor team of 3 individuals. 

Our sponsorship program is designed to offer wholistic care to each and every child and includes the cost of room, board, medicine, education that includes school supplies and uniforms, transportation and program expenses. 

More than that, Breanna's House of Joy is a family. This means that our girls are raised to stay accountable and have opportunities to play an active role at Breanna's House as they get older.  They are always welcome in their home! We pray for each girl to make wise decisions as they mature in life. For those that are serious about higher education, we have a program that offers housing, scholarships and financial assistance to pursue a professional career.

"A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I am the LORD, in its time I will hasten it." Isaiah 60:22

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